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Three of the Best Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

There are lots of career options for individuals without a degree if you don’t want to spend years in college or thousands of dollars on tuition. These career opportunities only require a high school diploma or some postsecondary education and training. Postsecondary education and training, similar to vocational training, is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking an affordable and flexible route to earning higher income without creating student debt. Let us explore three of the best jobs, in terms of salaries and job outlook, that you can get by simply attending a vocational training program, like E&S Academy.


A phlebotomist is a medical professional responsible for taking blood from patients for several reasons, including testing, transfusions, research, medical procedures, and donations. Their median salary is about $35,510, with employment opportunities expected to grow by a significant 25% over the next ten years. 

A postsecondary credential is usually required for these healthcare workers. At E&S Academy, you have the option to take a 50 hours online Phlebotomy Technician course for as low as $600. 

Medical Assistant 

Medical assistants do not require a degree to do their duties, including taking vital signs, obtaining patient information, and keeping records. The median salary of a medical assistant is $34,800, with employment opportunities expected to grow by 23% over the next ten years. 

At E&S Academy, you have the opportunity to become a certified medical assistant after taking an online 360 hours course. Taking this course will cost you $5,000, which is a lot less than what it would cost you to get a medical degree through a traditional college degree program. 

Home Health Aide

Seniors and those with chronic illnesses or disabilities benefit from the services of home health aides. They take vital signs, check medication use, and assist with everyday tasks like washing and eating. The median salary of a home health aide is about $25,280, with employment opportunities expected to grow by a whopping 38% over the next ten years.

Becoming a certified home health aide through a vocational training program is simple and inexpensive compared to becoming a nurse through a college degree program. At E&S Academy, to become a certified home health aide, this course will take 60 hours online and 16 hours in-classroom as required by the state of New Jersey. That is not even the most exciting part. To earn over $25 thousand a year after 76 total hours of learning will cost you only $400 at E&S Academy. Not a bad career option for someone without a college degree.

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