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3 Steps To Discover Your Passion

Identifying one’s passion is crucial to identifying one’s source of motivation. Motivation is a type of force that pushes us to continue performing certain tasks or activities. When it comes to education and success, individuals are encouraged to choose a field of study they feel passionate about. The main reason for this ties back to motivation. More specifically, individuals are encouraged to select a field that they believe will make them happy and want to advance. Unfortunately, discovering one’s passion is not an easy process for everyone. There is not a specific formula available on how to discover one’s passion. However, certain steps can be considered and taken to help those individuals get close to discovering their passions.

Step 1: Create A List Of Your Strengths & Weaknesses 

3 Steps To Discover Your Passion

Discovering your passion starts with first looking inward and evaluating yourself. My recommendation is to create a table split between your strengths and weaknesses and then write them down. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses could help you recognize a pattern in your skills and abilities. This information can give you an idea of which fields will suit you the most based on what your capabilities are.

However, in order for this to truly work, you need to be honest with yourself. Acknowledging one’s weaknesses or strengths can be difficult for some. To help overcome this challenge, try to have an honest conversation with yourself or get feedback from those closest to you. Believe it or not, sometimes individuals within our circles know us better than we know ourselves.

Step 2: Take An Online Survey 

3 Steps To Discover Your Passion

Like I mentioned before, many people experience a similar challenge of discovering where their passion lies. Moreover, for this reason, different groups have created online surveys targeted toward helping those struggling to discover their career paths, get an idea of what career field matches their interests. Simple go online and google an online career survey and get some answers that will hopefully benefit you.

Be aware that these online surveys are not always accurate, so please experiment with different surveys and take the results of each as a suggestion and not a definite thing.

Step 3: Research Different Positions & Read the Descriptions

3 Steps To Discover Your Passion
3 Steps To Discover Your Passion

The primary purpose of course descriptions or job descriptions is to provide an insight into the field, outline the different expectations, and highlight the desired strengths for this specific position. If you read a course or job description for a particular field and discover that it does not appeal to you, then you know that field might not be your passion.

Research the different types of jobs or fields available, recognize their required strengths, and see if the daily responsibilities appeal to you.

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