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Flexibility Offered Through Online Training

Online training programs can span from weeks to months, depending on the organization that students choose to attend. However, why is there a difference in course lengths for every program offering training in the same field? Does the length of the program reflect the quality of the program? Is a shorter program the better choice, or is a more extended program more beneficial?

Believe it or not, the length of a vocational training program does not reflect its quality. Instead, the length of these programs reflects their level of accessibility and flexibility.

Online Training vs. In-Person Training

Flexibility Offered Through Online Training

At E&S Academy, we can offer online training programs that could take the average person-days to weeks to complete because many of our training programs are offered online. By offering our training programs online, we eliminate the typical time-consuming factors that happen with in-person learning. For instance, most in-person programs are only open on certain days and at specific hours. However, with online training, courses are open and available to each student 24/7. So, with that advantage, students have the option to complete the course at their pace and at any time.

Also, online learning at E&S Academy allows students to receive one-on-one assistance whenever they encounter a problem. With in-person learning, students tend to have to wait on the instructor to respond to other student’s questions or concerns before having the opportunity to address their own. However, at E&S Academy, every student will be able to have their questions answered right away.


As mentioned before, one of the main advantages of online learning is that it offers flexibility. Through online learning, students can take courses anywhere and at any time. So, a student can receive the same certification that they would receive from an in-person vocational training program, but in a more comfortable and controlled environment.

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