How to Land a Job Interview and Get Hired

When so many people are applying for jobs and trying to get hired, it can seem nearly impossible to get chosen for interviews, especially for high-demand careers. However, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of employers reaching out to you and offering you interviews.

Before the Interview

Contact Employer Before Submitting Resume

Before you actually submit your resume and apply for a job, try to reach out to the hiring manager, whether it be through a phone call or an e-mail. Make sure to be clear about how enthusiastic you are about the job and how you believe you would contribute well to the team.

Customize Your Resume

When applying for a job, especially a competitive one, take some time to customize it so that the skills being highlighted are the specific ones the company is seeking. Try to only include experiences and skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for; this will drastically increase your chances of being picked as a potential candidate for the position. If you need help with your resume, E&S Academy offers a free resume writing course!

Follow Up After Applying

If it’s been between three to five business days since you’ve applied and you still don’t hear anything, follow up with the hiring manager (either through phone or e-mail). When following up, state how you want to make sure your resume was received and why you think you’re a good candidate for the job, along with your contact information. Following up shows you’re excited about the job!

Practice Interview Questions

You don’t want to walk into your interview with no preparation. Make sure you do research on the company and practice answering some common interview questions, such as why you want to work at the company or an example of a time you dealt with a conflict at work/how you handled it.

After the Interview

Thank the Hiring Manager

Within 24 hours of your interview, reach out to your interviewer and/or the hiring manager and thank them for taking the time to consider you for the job. Express your appreciation and BRIEFLY highlight once more why you believe you would be a solid employee for the job and your goals, closing out with how you hope to move forward with the company and the hiring process.

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