Steps to Take to Get a Promotion

Everyone wants to be promoted at their jobs, whether it’s because they want higher pay or because they know they will get to do more work that they love and have more authority over it. However, making your bosses notice you and offer you higher positions can be difficult, so here are some measures you can take to put you on the fast track for a promotion.

Record Achievements

If you want a promotion at work, you’re going to need evidence that you really deserve one. Since your boss will definitely be too busy to keep track of all your successes at work, you need to keep a log of all your accomplishments (especially the quantifiable ones) and point them out to your boss when the opportunity for a promotion comes.

Do More Than What’s Asked

In order to prove you deserve to be in a higher position at a company, you need to prove that you can take on more responsibilities. Once you finish the assignments or work for your specific job position, go and ask your boss for more work to do and push yourself!

Kiss Up to HR

Try to built close relationships with those who work in Human Resources and become friends with them. Employees in HR have the information regarding future promotions that will be offered. and knowing when opportunities like these will arise will allow you to step up your game and show off your skills to your boss in time.

Ask for the Promotion

Though many people want their bosses to offer them promotions out of thin air, your chances of earning a promotion drastically increase when you simply tell your boss you’re interested in the position. You have to be a pretty exceptional employee to be offered a promotion without asking for it, so show your enthusiasm for the job and talk to your boss about it.

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