Introducing: Online Healthcare Management

For those interested in a career as a healthcare manager, E&S Academy now offers a more accessible and feasible way to earn the needed certification to be qualified in this field. We are introducing E&S Academy’s Online Healthcare Management course available to both in-state and out-of-state students.

Information On Healthcare Managers

Job Description

A healthcare manager is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health services. They can be in charge of a whole institution, a single clinical area or department, or a group of physicians’ medical practice. 

Job Locations

You can expect to find healthcare managers working in hospitals, physician offices, outpatient care centers, rehabilitation centers, government organizations, research laboratories, colleges, and various other places.

Job Prospect: 

There should be an increase in demand for healthcare services as the large baby-boom generation ages and individuals continue to be active later in life. With that in mind, the job outlook for Health Care Managers is expected to increase 32% in the next ten years.

About The Healthcare Management Course

Course Description: 

The course title, “Online Healthcare Management,” reveals its uniqueness compared to other healthcare management training programs. This online course gives students a foundation for dealing with management challenges in healthcare companies. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, HIPPA regulations, patient rights, law and ethics in healthcare, types of insurance and ICP_10-CD, HCPCS, and CPT codes. 

What To Expect With E&S Academy:

Once you sign up and enroll with E&S Academy, the process of taking and completing the course is hassle-free. Students can expect to have full control over their learning process, meaning deciding their schedules and moving at their own pace. E&S Academy’s online healthcare management course offers a highly interactive learning experience that includes both activities and quizzes. So, as students advance through the course, they can expect to feel engaged and stimulated by the information being taught. 

How To Get Started:

Getting started at E&S Academy is a fast and straightforward process. 

Steps To Enroll: 

  1. Visit esacademy-usa.com
  2. Type in the course name, “Online Healthcare Management” 
  3. Choose the correct course and then select “Take this course”
  4. Complete the payment method
  5. Take the course!

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