Internship Opportunities Available For E & S Academy Students

An essential part of your experience at a vocational training program is receiving hands-on training to help build your professional skills. With E&S Academy offering online training programs, a frequently asked question is: “How do I receive any actual training if my courses are online?”

The answer: We provide you with a list of training or internship opportunities in your area with facilities that we are partnered with. 

At E&S Academy, we care strongly about our students learning experience and their success. With that, we willingly invest a lot of our time and resources to ensure that our students’ career-building process is as smooth as possible. So, we work around the clock to create new partnerships with different facilities that perfectly match the various fields in which we offer training. For instance, we partnered with E&S Home Care Solutions, a reputable home care service agency, to help our home health aide students have access to different career opportunities through them. 

Why Is This Important?

Have you ever had to look for a job or internship in a specific field and encountered challenges or rejections? If not, believe me when I say that finding a job is not an easy process at all. That is why it’s incredibly beneficial to have an organization that uses its resources to help you get that specific job or internship. 

By having partnerships with these different facilities, we add credibility to our student’s profiles and make the hiring managers more willing to provide our students with different training opportunities to help build their experience. So imagine arriving at an interview feeling confident and knowing that they trust that you have all the knowledge necessary to succeed at this job, simply because you completed your certification through E&S Academy’s online training program. 

List of Current Partners:

  • E & S Home Care Solutions
  • AcuLabs
  • Always Best Care Senior Services
  • BioTelemetry
  • Bellwether
  • Enable
  • Jersey Staffing
  • HomeInstead Senior Care
  • Miller-Keystone Blood Center
  • Morris Hall
  • SomerSet Woods
  • Staffing & Home Care Services
  • St. Lawrence

Good News!

Like I mentioned before, E&S Academy is devoted to helping our students achieve education and success. With that, we are constantly seeking new partners and helping our students have various training options nationwide. So, this list only reflects the beginning, and we are already in contact with prospective partners. So constantly check our website for updates and discover the many training opportunities that we will have available for you!  Learn More.

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