Education And Concerns About Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic affected many people’s plans for their education and careers. For some, it caused them to have to either stop or delay their plans for the future. While for others, it made them rethink their career choices due to the change in demand for certain fields. Several educational facilities decided to implement a temporary solution for education by offering online courses that will encourage people to continue their education. This approach proved to be a reasonable solution for many because it allowed people to complete their certification programs from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

Now, we have progressed as a nation and are administering a vaccine that will hopefully help things revert to normal. As a result, the increased usage of the coronavirus vaccine has caused many educational facilities to abandon offering remote instruction and go back to in-person class sessions, which is good news for some but not all. Specifically, not everyone has fully recovered from their fears of the pandemic and feels comfortable attending in-person class sessions anymore. 

E&S Academy offers comfort in these fearful times. E&S Academy is an online career-training program that provides students with the option to complete and receive their certifications entirely online.

Choosing to offer online certification courses was not a temporary solution implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic but a permanent solution for individuals who prefer flexibility and control over their educational experience. 

Most of our students are adults with busy lives or other responsibilities that make attending in-person class sessions very unappealing. So, they take full advantage of our online courses to help them build their credibility, advance their careers, and meet their goals. 

E&S Academy offers certification courses for in-demand career fields. Whenever a career becomes in-demand, we add a state-approved certification course to our website. So, with consideration for the change in demand for certain careers, E&S Academy always has a training course on career fields expected to grow in the upcoming years. 

Without uncertainty, this pandemic has changed the way people viewed life and conduct business forever. Thankfully, E&S Academy is always up-to-date on any changes and ensures that our students have access to the best and most popular career-related courses at reasonable prices. 

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