Preparing For the New School Year

We’re now officially in mid-August, which means that several students have to begin for a new academic year! While no one is excited to get back to the studying and class work, there are ways you can prepare for the new school year to make the transition from summer fun to study sessions easier.

Give Yourself a Head Start

I know many students want to maximize their break time and put off having to think about school as much as possible, but it will be much better for you to give yourself a brief idea of what your classes will be like. Look at the syllabi your teachers post, search up some of the basic concepts you’ll learn in the class, etc.; this will make it significantly easier to tackle the new material and new school year.

Color Code

Staying organized will help make school work a lot less overwhelming, so after receiving your class schedule for the upcoming academic year, start color coding your folders and binders. This will help you keep track of your classes in a more structure way that will help you ease into the new year better.

Create Your Own Schedule

Once you find out what classes you will have, try to create your own schedule for when you will do your homework for which classes. In this schedule, also make sure to add free time for yourself; by writing out the amount of relaxing-time you’ll have, it will make your work load seem a lot less scary.

Have a Morning Checklist

When it’s the morning and time to go to school, it can be very chaotic and hard to remember everything you have to do, which will overwhelm you. To make the mornings less stressful before school, create a checklist for things you need to have done before you leave for school (whether this be homework, packing lunch, or buying new school supplies).

Though many students are waiting until the fall to begin the school year, E&S Academy offers open enrollment, meaning you can take classes throughout the whole year – including the summer! Taking a class before the fall semester starts will make the transition from summer to studying much easier, so enroll in one of E&S Academy’s courses to prepare yourself for the new school year!

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