Success a Week Before Thanksgiving!

What a special moment!  We’re happy to see our newest graduating class.  The month of November doesn’t stop our students from earning their certifications.  It’s a week before Thanksgiving.  During the past three weeks, they spent most of their time learning online.  Then, after those three weeks, they spent time in the classroom honing their … Read more

Best Seasonal Jobs for November and December 2020

This is a hot topic for 2020.  Where can you find employment?  I’ve searched through a number of unemployment groups and found that there are millions of Americans who are struggling to find work.  Sadly, the market is not where it used to be due to unforeseen circumstances.  Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should give … Read more

Why I am Finally Treating Myself to a Better Career

I think a lot of us prefer to stay in something we understand and enjoy.  The past couple of years was a journey and a learning experience for me.  My friends noticed the transformation.  They watched as I earned a Master’s degree.  Then they witnessed me upgrade my career.  When I went through this transformation, … Read more