Making Success Stories Since 2009. Congratulations to Our Newest Graduates.

We’ve been making success stories since 2009.  It’s what we’re exceptionally good at.  This tradition is long-standing at our school because we understand the core values of success.  In addition, we celebrate our students’ accomplishments and give them a platform to represent their achievements.  It’s an awesome experience. We wish everyone a job well done. … Read more

How Nurse Aide Courses Prepare Students for Nursing School

Are you searching for a new career?  In today’s world, the stability of employment seems unsettling.  However, there are careers and fields that are begging for more people to pursue them.  Nevertheless, if you are looking to become a nurse, I’d recommend taking a Certified Nurse Aide course.  The reasons are numerous.  A Certified Nurse … Read more

How to Prepare for Schools Re-Opening

How to Prepare for Schools Re-Opening

We are the middle of July battling a heat wave.  I am sure that you’re probably not thinking about schools re-opening in September, but it’s a possibility.  While some schools transitioned to an online sector, there are classes that require students to be present physically to complete their education. In the state of New Jersey, … Read more