Benefits of Taking an Online Social Media Marketing Course

Now more than ever businesses are utilizing social media to market their products and services. Using social media is a great way to expand their brand awareness and reach potential customers. With social media marketing careers are on the rise and will continue to grow as the gen z population begins to enter the job market. Here are a few benefits of taking a social media marketing course.

Reasons You Should Start a Career in Hospitality Management

Are you looking for a new career option? Are you interested in travel, luxury, and fine dining? If any of those interest you then hospitality may be the right choice for you. The Hospitality industry is dynamic and fast growing.  As a hospitality manager you will play a major role in the organization, with most of these organizations being in the tourism or food industry. Here are some of the reasons why you should take a hospitality management course.

$1,000 Online Giveaway

Are you interested in taking a course but feel like you can not afford it? Paying for classes can be tough, that is why this month we decided to have a giveaway of $1,000 worth of classes of your choice. As you know, E&S Academy offers variety of online/hybrid training classes. Most importantly, we are committed to helping individuals find a better future through education.

The Advantages of Taking an Online Medical Billing and Coding Class

One of the fastest growing careers in healthcare today is medical billing and coding. Becoming a medical billing and coding specialist is a great career choice for those who want to work behind the scenes in the medical field. There are many benefits to a career in medical billing and coding and one is taking an online course to become certified. For those who are interesting in taking an online medical billing and coding class here are some of the advantages.

How To Stay Organized While Taking Online Classes

Now that you have signed up for your class or classes, its time to start the semester off right by getting organized. Starting a new course can be overwhelming, but it can be helpful fi you have everything planned out. Being well organized can help you do better in your course and feel overall less stressed. Here are some tips to help you with organization.

Productive Things You Can Do with Your Phone

Being productive in 2021 is easier than we think. You no longer need to leave you home or use a computer to be productive. Everything can be done directly from the phone. Now, instead of endlessly scrolling through social media or online impulse shopping, you can be building a new career and so much more all from your smartphone. Not sure where to get started? Here are four ways to be productive from your phone.

Reasons Why Online Courses Are the Future of Education

Education has been changing a lot over the course of a decade. Learning inside the classroom is no longer the only option. In todays world students have access to education wherever and whenever they want if you have access to the internet. In the U.S. over 30% of college level students are taking an online class according to a study at Babson College.