Happy Holidays!

happy holidays

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us! Make sure you spend your holidays with friends and family. Keep in mind that Covid is still around so remember to wear a mask while hanging out with your friends. Frequently wash your hands as well. There are several ways you can spend your holidays. First … Read more

Congratulations Phlebotomy Students!

It’s another day of success at E & S Academy. It was wonderful to see them smile on their final day of class. Our newest Phlebotomy graduates finished their class today after four weeks of training which is a mix of clinical and online education. We want to congratulate you on your success. It’s an … Read more

Upcoming November Classes

Happy Monday! October is ending soon, Halloween is right around the corner and November is arriving. Be sure to take precautions if you are planning to go trick-or-treating this year due to Covid-19. Furthermore, the weather is getting colder which is a good sign to sign up for courses. Here are the courses you can … Read more

Why Career Education is a Secure Option?

Everyone asks if education is worth the time and money. The short answer to that question is yes. Education plays an important role in everyone’s’ life. This is because education gives us the knowledge to learn about anything. A career is a person’s progress within an occupation. It is also a person’s progress through life, growth … Read more

Taking Online Courses Tips

Are you struggling to find a way to balance your life and taking courses? Or perhaps struggling how to study for exams? Here’s a short video briefly giving tips when taking online courses. Balancing your life and courses can be difficult, but as long as you know where you can have free time to put … Read more

Mid October Class Schedules

Spooky scary skeletons, pumpkins, sweater weather, hot cocoa and more are all good signs to sign up for online courses. Most people like to stay indoors during the cold weather. You can have your blankets, hot cocoa, notebook, and laptop all at home to take online courses. Here are the courses one can sign up: … Read more

Are Vocational Schools a Benefit to Everyone?

There is going to be an argument about whether vocational schools are beneficial to everyone. Everyone has different opinions and reasoning whether vocational schools are beneficial to students. In the video below, Alex talks about his opinion about if vocational schools really a benefit to everyone? The short answer to that question is no. The … Read more