Top Online Medical Programs

Top Online Medical Programs

There are many online medical programs in the world. Moreover, from the many online medical programs, the top 3 are Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Office Administration. Let’s talk why these programs are the top 3 programs. Top 3 Online Medical Programs Include: Medical Assistant Medical Assistant (MA) is one of the … Read more

The Wonders about Vocational Schools

Have you ever thought about applying to a vocational school and have no idea where, when, or how to start? Well, let’s start from the beginning. What is a vocational school? A vocational school is a type of educational building that prepares and trains students for specific occupations. This only depends on the country. Vocational … Read more

Success Was Easy for These Phlebotomy Students

Phlebotomy Graduates Lawrenceville December 2019

Success was easy for these Phlebotomy students. In four weeks, they completed their classes. After going through their training, they learned the value of becoming a respectable healthcare professional. It’s an easy way to success especially with the instructors who guide them. Officially, this was the final in-classroom training course of the year for Phlebotomy! … Read more

We’re Open after Christmas! Come Join Us Today!

Open After Holidays and Christmas

We hope you enjoyed your holiday yesterday. We’re open after Christmas. You can join us today to register for our upcoming courses. The new year is beginning 2020. Upcoming classes: Online EKG Technician Certified Home Health Aide Certified Nurse Aide Online Phlebotomy CPR Online Medical Office Administration Online EKG Technician It’s an incredible time to … Read more