A Buffet of Employment Opportunities – A Simple Guide for Everyday People to Solve All Your Financial Problems

Buffet of Employment Opportunities

A Buffet of Employment Opportunities Earning a Certification Go to College or University, But Avoid Student Loans and Pay Out of Pocket with This Trick I know, I know.  You’ve read it all before.  There are thousands upon thousands of guides out there that promise to help you get rich quick or solve all your … Read more

Career and Technical Schools Are Back In Town

Vocational Schools Back in Town

High school students today go straight to college. College is a tradition. To be successful, colleges stress its importance. Repeatedly, we use college enrollment as a measure of K-12 success. While modern movement continues to stress university education, policies are gearing towards career and technical schools. Unfortunately, most graduates realize too late that college education … Read more

What Does Vocation Mean? It Means Employment.

What does vocation mean? Vocation means a school that provides skills and education that prepare you for a job. In other words, it means employment. Additionally, a vocational school educates for employment. Graduates from vocational school go straight to work. Moreover, trade school training readies workers for healthcare, construction, and I.T programs. Skilled professions are cheaper, … Read more