Congratulations to the Certified Nurse Aide Class of May 2018

Congratulations to the Certified Nurse Aide Class of May 2018



Certified Nurse Aides are the Heart of Healthcare

Certified Nurse Aides are the heart of healthcare. The profession is one of the most sought-after professions in the United States currently. With the baby boomer generation on the rise, there is a shortage of Certified Nurse Aides everywhere. It is said, that there is only sixty percent of Home Health Aides, available for the one-hundred percent of patients that require assistance. It is a dire situation, but E & S Academy is working on correcting the shortage by educating the public about the importance of Nurse Aides.

Introducing the New Class of Graduates

E & S Academy celebrates the month of June with graduates for Certified Nurse Aide. Their transition from start to finish ended quickly and effectively. It was four weeks ago that they started their journeys. They were new, uncertain, and full of determination to complete the program. Certified Nurse Aides are in-demand in the state of New Jersey and because of this they understood the importance of completing the course. Families and facilities alike will have compassionate specialists who are well-capable of giving care to those in need. It is an incredible vision the group of you have.

Welcome to the Family

As part of the E & S Academy family, this is a warm congratulations to the Certified Nurse Aide class of May 2018 at E & S Academy at South Plainfield. In four weeks, they accomplished your goal and reached their dreams. This is only the beginning of their successful careers in healthcare. If they require further assistance, never hesitate to contact our offices. Our doors are always open to them.

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