Congratulations to the Elizabeth’s Certified Home Health Aide Class of December 2017

Congratulations to the Elizabeth’s Certified Home Health Aide Class of December 2017

The 2018 year began with excitement.  The Certified Home Health Aide class of December 2017 finished their classes in 2018.  With a class of 20 students, they started their journey three weeks ago and completed their certified training.

Welcome to the Family 

We want to welcome the newest class to our family of education and success.  We know you’ll be able to achieve your life’s pursuits and our doors are forever open to you.

The Perfect Opportunity

Are you looking for a different path?  What about a new career? Certified Home Health Aide classes are the perfect opportunity to advance your career in the medical field.  It’s one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.  Millions of aspiring professionals use Home Health Aide as a stepping stone into other careers.  The health care field is a field that will always be around because people require health.  In addition, home health aides develop excellent patience and customer service skills needed for other positions.

Employment Opportunities

E & S Academy’s partner E + S Home Care Solutions looks to employ our graduates upon completion with over 60 partners ready to hire too. If you are searching for employment training, look no further.  You can be certified as a Home Health Aide in the state of New Jersey in 3-weeks.  Home Health Aides earn more than retail workers and their profession can push them towards other careers such as Nursing Assistants or Nursing.

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