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Resume Writing

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A resume is a gateway to better job openings. For busy employers, a resume provides a snapshot of your skills. Though it’s important to stand out, there are key factors you should remember when creating your resume. This is a free course designed to help aspiring professionals write a resume. This course will give you a modern and up-to-date look into making your resume into a platform that outlines your best assets. The fundamental principles behind a well-designed resume will be discussed in this course.

Summary of what you will learn about Resumes:

  1. Instructions on creating professional resumes
  2. Understanding the fundamental principles
  3. Cover the basics on resumes
  4. The difference between Good vs. Bad Resumes
  5. Adding relevant skills to your field
  6. Contact information
  7. Upload assignment for the review of your resume

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Avatar of stninja21 stninja21
Posted 3 years ago
very helpful

This course really help me update my resume since it was out of date. I recommend this course to anyone who needs to build a resume or get it updated. It is free to do so.

Avatar of levina Levina
Posted 3 years ago

It's a free course...but I did learn some new tips to build up my resume. So, it's good.

Avatar of elena elkoun Elena Elkoun
Posted 3 years ago
Can't Beat Free

This course is free to get your resume fixed up. Professionals check your resume and then approve it.

Posted 3 years ago

Aw, thanks for the beautiful review. We’re going to be adding more free tools soon. We wanted to give our graduates tools to help them succeed. In addition to employer partners, we have resume building tools.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!