E & S Academy Attends the Rutgers Career Fair of 2017

E & S Academy Attends the Rutgers Career Fair of 2017


E & S Academy and E & S Home Care Solutions attended the Rutgers Career Fair of 2017 where we met talented, future star employees.  E & S Academy is an advocate of success through education.  This means our organization is constantly promoting employment opportunities and other advances that help our students achieve better.  Being involved in the fair, reminded us that there everyone has the chance to succeed.  We are always striving to do bigger and better for our students because we care for their future. 

A Special Thank You to Rutgers

It was quite exciting yesterday at the fair.  There were hundreds of students in attendance.  Rutgers continues to be an advocate for excellence.  E & S wants to thank Rutgers for allowing us to attend the career fair to promote our employment opportunities.  We were grateful for the chance to continue to support the efforts of those who promote education as a source to your success.  

We Wish Everyone the Best of Luck 

It doesn’t matter what your goal is.  What is most important is that you achieve your goal and your happy in life.  At E & S Academy, we give students the tools necessary to go further in their careers.  There is a reason why we are your path to a better tomorrow.  It’s because we take the time to truly understand what our students need.  As a result, we wish every single one of the students at Rutgers the best of luck.  If you continue to work hard, your dreams will come true. 

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