EKG is Growing Fast and a Necessary Skill for Athlete Screening

EKG is Growing Fast and a Necessary Skill for Athlete Screening

Are you wondering what is the next big career?  The medical field is the hottest in-demand currently, but there is one specific certification that is being overlooked.  Did you know that in today’s workforce EKG Technicians are among the highest in demand?  The major reason is that many employment centers require their employees or individual sports’ players to undergo a physical which requires extensive heart-monitoring tests.

EKG Reading is a Valuable Skill 

EKG Technicians learn how to read Holter monitors and how to analyze heart readings.  Hearts release electrical impulses that can are picked up by the electrodes placed on a person’s chest.  The ability to read EKG reading is growing fast and is a necessary skill set for the rapid need for EKG Technicians.  According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an increase of 20% in the employment need for EKG Technicians.

Athletic Screening 

It is essential for athletes to be at their peak condition during sports’ seasons.  For the reason of ensuring that athletes are safe while competing, athletes are required to undergo an athletic screening before they participate in sports.  The screening requires EKG tests that can determine the status of an athletes’ cardiovascular strength.  The screening will be a routine check-up performed on athletes throughout the United States.  With more need for EKG Technicians, the rise in demand will be inevitable.

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