Faculty and Staff

E&S Academy has some of the best instructors in the business who are also experts in the field of healthcare. This ensures that our students get the best education possible along with the right kind of education as well as industry know-how from instructors who have actually worked in the healthcare and related industries. Our students are the top priority for our faculty and staff members. We value our students and are well aware that our students represent the university. We also know that it is them who keep up the good work and help us maintain our reputation as well as standard.

The fact that E&S Academy is one of the best healthcare training academies in NJ allows us to attract the best talent. We need the right kind of faculty and staff to cater to such bright as well as ambitious young minds. Our curriculum for all the healthcare programs that we offer are research-based allowing our instructors to work closely with students yet allow them to develop independent thought and analysis capabilities.

Our faculty and staff members understand that coursework and externships can stress out a student and they are always present to offer guidance and support to their students. If you want more information on our faculty and staff members, you can send in a request or look at the links and documentation provided for our faculty members.

Thank you for choosing E & S Academy

If you have a question, you may call our admissions team at 844-372-2233 or fill out the contact form below, and they will be more than happy to assist you. We hope you enjoy your visit.