1. What is the minimum age to take up a course with E&S Academy?
Different vocational training courses at E&S Academy have different age requirements. However, the average minimum age for most courses at our academy is 17 years.


2. Does the academy offer job placements?
We offer employment as home health aides for our very own homecare agency. While we do not deal with placements directly, we obtain employment leads and share relevant information withstudents.


3. I have a criminal background. Can I still get a certificate from the academy?
Depending on the type of criminal background, certain licenses may not be awarded. When obtaining a specified license for students, the state department of New Jersey checks for specific legal and personal documents to certify them.


4. How long should I wait to get my license?
The waiting time for receiving licensing mainly depends on the course chosen by you. Typically, it could take anywhere between 1 day and 5 weeks to receive your license from E&S Academy in New Jersey. You can contact our office staff for more information on obtaining your license.


5. How and where do I register?
If you wish to register for any of our vocational training courses, start by filling out a registration form. Please ensure that you bring all the necessary documentation and the initial tuition deposit fee.


6. What documents do I need to register for a course?
Aspiring applicants should bring at least two government IDs and reports of necessary physicals depending on the demands of the course.

7. Is it possible to undertake more than one program at a time?
All programs at E&S Academy are comprehensive and well-rounded. Our students do have the option to register with other courses simultaneously or in the future. However, most of our vocational training programs include training to make you a competent professional in the medical and healthcare industry. We also offer promotional discounts.


8. Can I use my employee ID, student ID or bank ID as proof?
No. We require mandatory government based identity documents that are issued by officials of the state or federal government.


9. Can I use an ID from another country or state?
We do accept government IDs from other states in the US but all ID cards must originate from the US.


10. I am unable to make a payment. What do I do?
Please contact our financial department to come to a solution immediately.


11. How do I apply for financial assistance?
Please contact our resources department or speak to the staff at E&S Academy to receive financial help for our courses.


12. How recent should the reports from my physicals be?
All physicals reports submitted to E&S Academy should be less than 1 year old. Please bear in mind that not all courses require physicals.


13. I am in the United States illegally. Can I attend your program?
If you do not have your Visa documents, a Green Card, a student Visa or work Visa, we cannot permit you to get certified.


14. Do you offer classes in Spanish?
We do not offer classes in Spanish exclusively. However, E&S Academy has bilingual instructors and staff who can assist you with questions, doubts and queries in a language you are comfortable with. We also offer one-on-one sessions and translations, if necessary.

Thank you for choosing E & S Academy

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