The Future is Bright at Linden High School

The Future is Bright at Linden High School

E & S Academy attended Linden High School’s annual college fair for the 2017 semester.  The event brought forth bright students whose futures are filled with success and numerous opportunities.  As both students and parents explored the wooden floored gymnasium, they set their eyes on colleges throughout various locations.  Rutgers, Kean University, and other famous New Jersey colleges attended as well.

The Value of College Fairs

It’s an event to help students see what options are available to them.  While it is the norm to seek a four year college because of the advantages that students have upon completion, many of the students were enlightened by the idea of seeking a vocational education as an alternative source for income to pay for their schooling. There are better ways to get through college and a smart way is by paying for your tuition out of pocket. It’s a smart move considering loans can be troublesome upon graduation, but with a vocational education, you can both earn a certification and finish your four year degree.

This is why E & S Academy is the path to a better future for people of various ages.  The medical vocational school provides students with the tools to accomplish their heart’s desire whatever it may be.  As long as they accomplish their dreams, it’s what it is important to our dedicated staff.

E & S Academy Thanks Linden High School 

The college fair is a time to celebrate.  It brings the communities together especially colleges throughout the U.S to promote the power of knowledge and the importance of education.  We, on the behalf of E & S Academy, are thankful for the opportunity to attend the fantastic event and advocate education to the future winners of Linden High School.  Their destinies are bright.  The staff and the parents should be proud of their accomplishments. 

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