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E&S Academy is an active member of the healthcare community in New Jersey and the United States. This is why we pride ourselves on keeping out staff, faculty, partners, students and alumni in touch with the latest developments and changes in the industry. Helping you remain up-to-date with the recent trends, healthcare changes and updates, the E&S Academy Health Forum is a one-stop online resource where you can find relevant and accurate information on a wide range of topics like healthcare changes and updates as well as programs added.

Keeping in with the constantly evolving field of healthcare, we regularly update the forum to inform you of important changes. If you are looking for healthcare changes and updates, the Health Forum regularly posts everything from training updates, industry trends, recent inventions, revolutionary new methods and so on. Whether you are looking for information on weather changes to news, our Health Forum has the right information and statistics.

Our press room

The E&S Academy Press Room is a 24/7 resource for the latest new, updates and changes in the industry. Closely following important developments and reporting these changes in the industry, we take pride in regularly updating the press room to keep our students, staff and partners.

We also offer special information on our campus, academic programs and other updates important to current and potential students. We offer downloadable press kits with detailed information on anything you may require regarding E&S Academy, our courses or the industry in general. You can access this information from any of the following links:

    • Press releases: Find the latest updates on training schedules and changes, news, as well as healthcare changes and updates that are likely to influence our constantly improving programs. Inclusive of everything from new programs added to industry trends, our press room is a vast network of helpful and informative data.
    • Archives: Interested in our academy? Take a look at the older press releases and training updates posted by E&S Academy and get all the necessary information you need to get started. In this section, you can also gather information about our academy, teachers and instructors, former students and vocational training programs.
    • Media contacts: E&S Academy has the right professionals in place that can help you find accurate information quickly and more efficiently. Get in touch with our academy and liaison with our media contact for more information.

E&S Academy believes in remaining up-to-date with the latest developments in the healthcare industry and ensures that students too are prepared for these changes. For more information on our planned vocational training courses in a multitude of skills, contact E&S Academy today!

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