Hey Graduate, Are you prepared for your Interview in the Medical Field?

Medical Field Interview

Getting a Job in the Medical field takes more than just your Certification or License. In between getting a job and starting your career lies the dreaded interview. As a Medical Technician, Nurse Aide or Home Health aide it’s important to prepare for the interview in advance.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the interview and land the job you want in the medical field. 

What to Bring:

Bring your Certificate and/ or License

You’re certification or License is most likely a requirement for the job and your potential employer will want to see this as part of your qualifications.

CPR card

This is a necessary skill in the medical field and having it on hand may set you apart from the rest.

2-4 copies of your resume

In case your interviewer has not had a chance to take a look at your resume having one handy will show how prepared you are.

List of References

If you acquired peers or Supervisors who can attest to your skills and work ethic, a list of references is a great way to show them you mean business!

Letters of Recommendation ( if any)

Letters of Recommendation are also a great way to have references support your skills and work ethic.


To hold all your papers and keep them wrinkle-free.

What to wear:

Although in the medical field you will likely wear scrubs on a daily basis, it’s important to present yourself in a professional manner at the interview. A great first impression can go a long way and this begins with your outfit and appearance.

Here are a few interview outfit ideas:

  •  You may wear a suit if the facility calls for it.
  •  You can wear dark slacks, blouse, or dress shirt for men. A blazer is optional.
  •  Your shoes should be clean with toes covered.
  •  Hair, Makeup, and accessories should reflect a Professional style.


Man in Interview

What to expect when you arrive at the interview:

Informational questions

Your interviewer will want to know more about you than just where you went to school or what your skills are. They will want to know more about YOU.

A common interview question is, ‘Tell us about yourself?’

 Take the time to prepare a quick informational short answer to have ready. It may include, where you were born, where you grew up, where you went to school, and why you chose your career of choice. The interviewer wants to know why you chose the path you are on.

Situational questions

Common situational questions begin with, What would you do if…?

Situational questions are intended to see how you analyze and react to hypothetical work situations. These questions may involve an everyday task that you would experience on the job.

These are just a few examples of interview questions that you may come across during your job search experience.

Are you ready for your interview?

Prior to your interview, you can review this list to assist you with the minor details. Overall, the skills you’ve gained in class and the compassion you have for working with other people will be the most important asset you have in an interview.

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