How to Succeed this School Year

How to Succeed this School Year


“Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen.”  Wayne Huizenga

Before Classes Begin:

Keep a schedule – There are many tools such as a physical calendar, online schedules, and phone reminders that can help keep you on track. Any assignments, exams, or other important dates should be marked down immediately, no matter how small the assignment may seem.

Get into the routine early – Prepare your sleep schedule for the upcoming classes, especially if the classes are drastically different from your break schedule.

While Class is in Session:

Keep your workspace neat – An organized study and workplace will help keep you focused.

Utilize the tools the classroom gives you – Ask questions when you don’t understand the material, build relationships with the educator and peers, and get involved during class discussions.

Follow a career you are passionate about – You do your best when you enjoy the classes and material.

Take notes – Do not assume you will remember the material, writing the information down helps you remember and will benefit you when it is time to study.

Break big tasks into smaller ones – Some assignments can seem overwhelming, but breaking the assignment into smaller tasks will help the project stay manageable and you can track your progress easily.

Outside of Class:

Exercise and eat healthy – Healthy foods and daily exercise can help your brain function making it easier to focus in class.

Maintain your sleep schedule – Keep yourself focused and healthy.

Relax – Take time for yourself to relax and partake in activities you enjoy.

Study – Use the time outside of class to make sure you understand the material. You are responsible for your learning and success!


Written by: Jillian Jablecki 

Admission Advisor

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