It is a Buffet of Employment Opportunities. What the Job Hunt is Like as a Health Care Professional.

It is a Buffet of Employment Opportunities. What the Job Hunt is Like as a Health Care Professional.

I am not writing this to waste your time reading it. Have you ever spent hours applying via Indeed or other job listing websites?  You wait for those glorious interview calls.  When you get your interview calls, you’re not guaranteed a position afterward.  You probably wish the process was different for applying to jobs.  Welp, I am here to tell you that it is a different situation for health care professionals. What is it like for job hunters in the health care profession in 2019?  It is like opening the door to a brand new house.  You have the feeling of safety and belonging.  Employers reach out to potential candidates for the medical field.  There can never be too many health care professionals.

I work at a school. I have seen students come and go month after month.  Sincerely, these students are people who have other career goals, dreams, aspirations, and have tried the four-year college route.  The sad reality is they didn’t realize that there were other, less stressful employment methods. As our students go through the journey of beginning their classes with us, they realize how fortunate they are to have found the incredible opportunities health care has to offer.  Before students complete the programs they are in, employers are already ready to recruit them. I have witnessed company representatives send their best and brightest to recruit our students.  It is a competitive market for health care professionals.

For once, it is the graduates who have a say.  It is literally like having a buffet of employment opportunities.  

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