Lesson 1: Marketing Specialist Responsibilities and Role

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Marketing Specialist Responsibilities

Marketing Specialists are responsible for ensuring that the local marketing strategy is followed. Daily reports will be submitted pertaining to tasks completed. The daily reports shall be submitted every day at the end of a shift. A weekly report must be emailed to the campus manager by the end of the month. A marketing specialists’ numbers are based on the key performance indicators. Once a month, reports should be submitted to department heads at the campuses including the DON and Director.

A.        Responsibilities:

  • Follow local marketing strategy / maintain consistency
  • Create content weekly including images, videos, and Copywrite ad templates
  • Schedule social media content / local areas
  • Maintain/update ZOHO CRM leads to ensure accuracy
  • Review Cyfe reports improving the effectiveness
  • Research new sites / classified sites
  • Update/maintain website
  • Assist admissions teams with recruitment
  • Support and assist teams through additional marketing efforts
  • Update website consistently with local promotional needs
  • Update local Google My Business account
  • Submit Pozative reviews to improve reviews to students and clients with good experiences
  • Take graduation photos / to be submitted to Marketing Director
  • Schedule high school fairs and job fairs for local areas
  • Generate leads
  • Improve page views
  • Basic marketing research
  • Revenue generated
  • Maintain brand image

Role of the Marketing Specialist

The marketing specialist is the buzz behind the scenes, but they are a crucial part of the admissions team. They are expected to assist and to provide support to the admissions although their main specialty is in marketing. Their knowledge will range from admissions, to marketing, and to portions of the home care for best recruitment methods.

The marketing department is fused and interconnected with other departments to effectively attract students or clients through organic means of marketing and provide extra support for the admissions’ team. Their primary focus will centralize on marketing, yet their training will consist of both admissions’ and marketing practices to ensure their overall knowledge can handle all the tasks required from them to complete day to day operations within their location.

The Role of a Marketing Specialist

  • To follow and enhance marketing strategies of the Office of Marketing ensuring their compliance with state mandated practices.
  • To use exceptional professional practices and knowledge to deliver high quality program information to prospective, current, and past students on various platforms of marketing.
  • Have a clear understanding on how to utilize Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) and other information systems within the marketing strategy.
  • Advertise on organic websites, social media, and budget-funded means to meet expected quotas.