Lesson 1: What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence

I think like most people we like to think that we are intelligent and that we have a grasp of our emotions. As more workplaces are incorporating emotional intelligence into their requirements, it’s become a new skill that, surprisingly, many people lack. Emotional intelligence isn’t just understanding what an emotion is. It’s about how you react to it in different situations. You’d be shocked by how often workplace and social incidents could’ve been avoided if more people understood the basic functions of emotions and how they’re a part of our everyday life.

It’s not the emotion that causes an issue. It’s the behavior and the reaction to it. The lack of understanding how to cope with emotional situations can lead to disastrous and problematic situations.

There is such a thing called regular intelligence which is the ability to reason, rationalize, analyze, etc. Emotional intelligence is being intelligent with your emotions. It is the ability to understand and manage emotions. Emotions are what move us. They are a driving force. They’re an important part of being a human. We think, feel, behave in certain ways. Emotions can be made up of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In this course, you will learn how to understand and manage your emotions including yours and other people’s. In a way, it is helpful and can give you a positive outlook to your life. Additionally, this will help boost your business credentials and enhance your resumes in more ways than you can imagine.

Examples of Emotions: