Lesson 4: Key Performance Indicators and Target Audience

There are three key performance indicators that can be tracked through Cyfe and ZOHO. The performance indicators are valuable pieces of information to utilize and improve on a monthly basis. The performance indicators are based on team performances. Marketing specialists are required to pull reports and submit them to the appropriate department heads.

These three performance indicators include:

  • Website Visits / Page Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue

Our Target Audiences

The E & S Academy and E & S Home Care Solutions dynamic, including services, gives the company a wide scope of audiences to target. The target audiences involve Gen-Xers, Late Millennials for home care services to assist the baby boomers and silent generation with care services.

The Academy’s target audience consists of Generation Z and Early Millennials who are eager to change their career paths or are interested in pursuing a field in medical. Additionally, our target audiences are working full-time or need the flexibility for career advancements. They prefer lower cost courses that are better on the return-on-investment value.

Our employment services, including home health aide classes, target low-end wage workers, and the unemployed.