Lesson 6: Rosemark Client Profile Data Entry

Summary Tab

  1. Add Serviceà “Set” àselect service type
  2. Set schedule and start date under “Inquiry” Tab
  3. Notate Authorized weekly hours
  4. Notate Authorization #, if applicable (Medicaid and VA clients)
  5. Add PO” (payment obligation) àStarting Date àSet Customer per payor source àbill rate as needed àexit service tab
  6. “Care Plans” à”Add New” àunselect “Show only selected” àcheck off all applicable tasks à “Apply”

Info Tab

  1. First name/Last name
  2. Notate residing city in “Extra ID” column
  3. Address (Line 1), city, state and zip code
  4. Contact number/s (Phone1) and name of contact (comment column)

New Client Rosemark Data Entry: (continued)

Condition Tab

  1. “Needs” à Document client’s needs (i.e. assist with bathing, dressing, medication supervision, etc.)
  2. “Diagnosis” à Document client’s Diagnosis (if Medicaid client, type in Diagnosis code, then two spaces); be as descriptive as possible (i.e. mental status, physical status, health status, etc.)
  3. “Others in Home” à Document who the client lives with in details including pets and if there is smoking in the home
  4. Date of birth
  5. Sex
  6. Height/weight
  7. “Special equipment” à (i.e. wheelchair, Hoyer lift, hosp. bed, oxygen tank, etc.)

Emergency Tab

  1. Emergency contact name, phone number, residing city, state, and relationship to client

Inquiry Tab

  1. “Inquiry Date” à  date that the intake or client was received
  2. “Referral source #1” à the  payor/insurance for the client services (shall be updated if client transfers to an alternate payor/insurance and transfer dates shall be notated on “Referral comment” column)
  3. Case Worker name and contact #/email
  4. “Auth #” (applicable to Medicaid only)
  5. “Medicaid #” – member ID # (applicable to Medicaid only)
  6. “Provider ID #” Company provider id # (applicable to Medicaid only)

Communications Tab

  1. “ID #” à Last four digits of the client phone number
  2. Upload any and all client correspondence such as authorizations, incident reports, client records, etc. (contact Rosemark support for instructions on how to upload documents)

Updating Current Client records in Rosemark client Profile

  1. Client Reauthorizations – all updated authorization for services must be recorded under the compliance tab and the authorization shall be uploaded into the client profile.
  2. Program/Insurance transfers – all program/insurance transfers must be recorded under the compliance tab and the authorization shall be uploaded into the client profile (A new service must be added for all transfers; see “Client Insurance/Program Transfer Data Entry” below).
  3. Schedule Changes – Any change in schedule (i.e. change in hours, un-serviced hours w/ reason, cancellations, etc.) must be updated in the client planner under the “Summary” tab
  4. Payment obligation (if applicable)
  5. Inactive or Discontinued Clients – Inactivate or discontinue services under the Planner and notate the reason for the change in status.

Client Insurance/program transfer Data Entry

  1. Discontinue the services as of the last date with the prior insurance/program with the reason for discontinuing with the insurance/program by going to “Summary” à “Planner” à  “Add Discontinued”.
  2. Go to “Summary” tab  à  “Add Service” à  follow procedures to add a new service

Client Discharge/discontinue for Services Data Entry

  1. Only applicable to clients who shall not resume services with the home care agency
  2. Un-assign the CHHA from the services and Discontinue the services and notate the reason for the discontinued services

Temporary pause in Services Data Entry

  1. Only applicable to clients who shall be resuming services within one months (i.e. hospitalization, vacation, etc.)
  2. Go to “Summary” à “Planner” à right-click on assigned aide(s) à “Unassign” àselect the date after the last date of services.
  3. Add Inactive period and notate the reason for the lapse in services

Note: Rosemark system must always be updated and will be utilized for client reference, upkeep and communication purposes.

Client/Case Manager/aide communications reference:

  • The Home Health Aide is requesting off – client shall be notified
  • The client is refusing services – case manager shall be notified

Compliance Tab

Applicable to clients with expiring authorizations for services (Medicaid, VA, some county programs)

  1. “Done date” column à input Authorization start date
  2. “Expiration date” column à input Authorization expiration date
  3. “Comment” Columnà input Authorization/reference number, if applicableàselect “Apply”