Lesson 8: Employee Hours and Attendance Verification

Employee Hours and Attendance Verification

  1. CHHAs are required to arrive to work on time and work the assigned schedule for each client.
  2. By performing a daily verification of attendance, the home care department is able to minimize or eliminate the risk of clients not receiving the proper care based on the individually assigned schedule as well as a potential for lack of communication between clients, home health aides, and the office team.
  3. To verify employee work attendance and reliability the following steps shall be followed:
  4. Under the Rosemark homepage, the “No Shows” shall be reviewed and a follow-up call/text is required to ensure that the CHHA is present and clocks in. Proper disciplinary actions must be taken if necessary.
  5. All loose and unlinked shifts must be reviewed and linked as needed.  Some reasons why a shift may be loose can be:
    1. employee clocked in/out too far from the client’s home
    1. employee clocked in or out at a time that does not correspond with the assigned work schedule
    1. employee clocked in/out for the same shift more than once
  6. Verifying loose and unlinked shifts shall be done daily and can be done by going to the Rosemark homepage and “Office” à “Telephony/Electronic Visit Verification Events” à change “-any status- “to “Loose” à change “Today” to “Yesterday”
  7. To eliminate the potential of employees not receiving full compensation per the required payroll period, a full shift completion verification must be completed every two to three days.
  • To verify shift completion the following steps shall be followed:
  • The Tasks report shall be exported every two to three days to verify that all employees successfully clocked out
  • To export the employee tasks report, go to Rosemark, select “Reports” à”Tasks” à check off “Arbitrary Range” àhighlight the desired range of the dates àunder “Group By”, select “Caregiver” à click “Preview”

Payroll Reporting Instructions

  1. On Rosemark, click on “Office” à “Telephony/Electronic Visit Verification Events” à change “-any status- “to “Loose” à change “Today” to “Range” and select the payroll date range for the current payroll processing
  2. Perform a final review of any unlinked and loose shifts in Rosemark to ensure that all employee hours will be accounted for by selecting “Link” or “Ignore” on all unlinked shifts (Further instructions on this process can be provided by contacting the Rosemark support team)
  3. Return to Rosemark home page, select “Office”à Shifts on Day à Under “All Statuses”, select “V-Verified Complete”
  4. Select the dates range for the two weeks’ Pay period
  5. File à Export Shifts to Spreadsheet
  6. Under “Shift Fields”, select “Duration”, “caregiverfirstname”, “caregiverlastname” and “Payrate”
  7. Click “Ok”
  8. Under “Caregiver Fields”, select “hr.payrollNumber”
  9. Select “Export” and save on your desktop using the word Payroll and the Paycheck Date (i.e. “Payroll – 10.31.2019”)
  10. Click on the left-hand corner arrow between cell “1” and cell “A” to highlight the file
  11. Select “Insert” à “Pivot Table”à”OK”
  12. Under PivotTable Fields, drag “caregiverlastname” onto “Rows” section,
  13. Drag “caregiverfirstname” onto “Rows” section
  14. Drag “hr.payrollNumber” onto “Rows” section
  15. Drag “Payrate” onto “Rows” section
  16. Drag “Duration” onto “Values” section
  17. Click on “Design”à “Report Layouts” à “Show in Tabular form”
  18. Click on “Design”à “Report Layouts” à “Repeat all Item Labels”
  19. Click on “Subtotals” à “Do not Show Subtotals”
  20. Open the Paylocity Payroll Template provided to you by the HR Specialist (See Payroll Export Sample Below)
  21. Copy each column from the saved payroll file (excluding the title sections) and paste onto the designated columns in the Payroll Export Template. *Note: “caregiver.hr.payrollnumber” column will be pasted under the “Employ ID” column and “Sum of duration” column will be pasted under the “Hours” column.
  22. Save the Payroll Export template using the word “Payroll” and the Paycheck Date (i.e. “Payroll – 10.31.2019”) using the Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).   
  23. Return to Rosemark home page, select “Reports” à “Tasks” à check off “Arbitrary Range” àhighlight the weeks for this payroll processingàunder “Group By”, select “Caregiver” à click “Preview” – This will pull the hours worked for each employee.
  24. Review all hours (retro and regular) and pay rates per employee with all timesheets (hours recorded must be per the client’s authorized hours per week/day, client/caregiver signatures and clock in and clock out records , must be present in order to process the hours for the payroll).
  25. Adjust and correct all hours as needed, in correspondence with the Rosemark planner (the hours notated on the Rosemark planner must match the hours reporting on the payroll report).
  26. Retro hours must be separated from Regular hours by inserting a new row in the payroll template and typing “RETRO” for the specific row under the “DETCODE” column.
  27. Once completed, email the payroll report, Tasks and timesheet records, and any direct deposit forms to the Payroll manager.

Payroll Sample Report