Mission Statement

Mission statement

E&S Home Care Solutions is committed to providing superior and high-quality care to the elderly and disabled community by providing a highly skilled team of professionals within the home care community. Our mission is to bring exceptional health care into our clients’ homes with innovation and compassion to enhance the quality of life while reducing the risk of hospitalization and rehabilitation. Our mission is to also offer new beginnings and meaningful opportunities to caregivers, nurses and the logistical homecare team of case coordinators and Human Resources specialists.


I. To Provide essential home health aide services to the elderly and disabled community.

II. To recruit and employ qualified healthcare professionals to aid in good quality home health care services.

III. To assist families of the elderly community to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle, free of burden and burnouts, while maintaining a positive family unit.

IV. To rehabilitate and promote independence to our clients through a reliable healthcare support system.

V. To eliminate the need for hospitalization, sub-acute care and long-term care by maintaining good hygiene, safety and a clean, living environment for each client.

III. To increase the quality and quantity of client census all year round.

IV. To enhance the operational and Best practices’ effectiveness of the Home Care Department.

V. To use exceptional professional practices and knowledge to ensure a well-rounded system of operations.

VII. To perform all necessary duties accurately and in a timely manner to ensure that all clients and caregivers successfully meet the specific home care goals and needs.

VIII. To take all necessary actions and follow all necessary policies and procedures to maintain a compliant home health care department and work environment per company policy and CAHC standards.