New Jersey Residents

The E&S Academy is one of the foremost healthcare vocational centers in New Jersey. Apart from offering well-rounded eduction to our students, we are also committed to helping out the people of New Jersey as much as we can. In fact, the E&S Academy started out as a healthcare services provider in the state of New Jersey providing accessible healthcare to the disabled, ill and elderly. We are committed to improving the communities around us. The
students, faculty members and the staff members at the E&S Academy work with community members so that we can understand their unique problems. We aim to help them come up with solutions and to implement these solutions effectively.

We want the state of New Jersey to grow. We work closely with communities to help them grow economically and to improve their quality of life. Our main aim is to ensure that the people of New Jersey – especially the communities around us, have accessible healthcare. Every year, we create and host a variety of programs, events and activities for the benefit of the people of New Jersey. The themes and subjects of these events can range from economics and agriculture to sports and health. However, they are all designed to help people learn new skills and concepts that will help them in their personal as well as professional lives.

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