Our Focus

E & S Academy provides quality education, training, and certification programs in New Jersey.  It was created to help, students like yourself, build a successful and rewarding health care career.  The reason our training certifications became popular was because our partner E & S Home Care Solutions used them to prepare our employees.

The demand of our training certification classes created E & S Academy.  In need of professional health providers, we expanded to three campuses and created a revolutionary way of education where the focus was on reassuring our students were capable of finding employment after their training in fields that were highly needed.

You Gain a Competitive Edge with E&S Academy’s Medical Training Courses

We gear you with with comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge in the theory, practices, and skills that the  medical employers look for in candidates. This is precisely why our current courses include 6 successful courses.  These courses include:

We focus on providing high quality learning materials and laboratory training to all students who wish to further their careers.  Our classroom sizes are small to allow instructors to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and individual attention each student deserves.

The courses have been designed along one central goal – equipping you with the necessary skill-sets that are required to find success and fulfillment in your professional life.

Premium educational, training and certification programs in New Jersey

The instructors at E & S Academy are well known educational.  They value your education.  For this reason, they are available throughout the week to address your doubts.  Their focus is on equipping you with the appropriate knowledge and the skills to help with your future.

We have a multi-lingual staff that will work closely with you to assure that you are comfortable.  For more information, contact us today. 

Thank you for choosing E & S Academy

If you have a question, you may call our admissions team at 844-372-2233 or fill out the contact form below, and they will be more than happy to assist you. We hope you enjoy your visit.