Be a Part of Something Special! Phlebotomy Class Graduates of June 2018

Be a Part of Something Special! Phlebotomy Class Graduates of June 2018

There is nothing in this world that is stopping you from finding your source of inspiration.  Your path to a better tomorrow is who we are.  You can be a part of something special.  We congratulate our Phlebotomy class of June 2018 for an incredible finish after a four week run through our Phlebotomy program.  It is safe to say they are on their way to bigger and better.  As a Phlebotomist, you can work in multiple locations.  It is a rising field you can find employment in.  We are partnered with over 60 different organizations who are interested in employing our students.


You should do something new with our family because we care about our students.  In fact, our graduates are satisfied with their course and instructor. If you are searching for something new, this your chance to start.  Honestly, why wait for tomorrow what you can do today?  The biggest problem most of us have is that we wait rather than taking a leap of faith.  As a school dedicated to your success, we guide you through the process.  We are nationally certified and have high approval ratings.  There is no better formula than what we have now.


It is simple.  With a single phone call or online registration, you can enroll in our courses that are available throughout the year. You will never need to worry about the time of the year.  The schedules are short.  This way you can finish your class hours quickly, effectively, and start working to earn a living.

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