Payment Plans

We offer short term tuition payment plans lasting up to 12 weeks with equal weekly payments.Please keep in mind that our payment plans are not loans, but merely arrangements to help you pay the total tuition fee in installments. It is ideal for individuals and families who cannot pay the entire tuition fee at one go. While most payment plans at E&S Academy are interest-free, they may differ course to course. Please speak to our finance department for more clarity on the payments plan that might help you.

Our tuition payment plans allow you to split the bill over an extended period of time. While you still are required to pay the complete amount at the end of the program, you can take the liberty of paying in smaller amounts each week. This makes our programs more affordable and manageable. If you wish to speak in detail about our payment plans for health care courses or scholarships for financial help, you can contact our staff, who can help you come up with a suitable arrangement. E & S Academy accepts a number of payment options like cash, money order, credit card, debit card and so on.

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If you have any queries, doubts, concerns or questions about the payment plans at E&S Academy, get in touch with our finance department.