Phlebotomy Technician Classes Begin Today at Lawrenceville

Phlebotomy Technician Classes Begin Today at Lawrenceville

It is a brand new class with a fresh start to a better career.  Your path to a better tomorrow is beginning today with the Phlebotomy Technician classes at Lawrenceville.  In four weeks, your journey will end and your employment opportunities will begin.  E & S Academy is approved nationally with an excellent reputation from our graduating classes.  You will be among the thousands of students who have completed with reputable certifications and employment opportunities with top-notch companies like LabCorp.

Phlebotomy Technicians positions are on high-demand due to how vital they are to the medical career.  This is a smart choice for you to improve your career opportunities.  We are excited to have you begin your journey to success at our facility!


We welcome you to E & S Academy! 


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