Why Phlebotomy Technicians are Needed Nationally

Why Phlebotomy Technicians are Needed Nationally 


You may have heard or read about the surge in employment opportunities for Phlebotomy.  Its boom began in 2008 when health care became a widespread concern for the nation.  When Obama Care was passed, millions of Americans gained access to affordable health care.  In turn, hospitals and medical facilities were overwhelmed by the increase in services.  Its positive impact brought forth new opportunities, yet a need for medical team experts to be able to assist the demand. Certified Home Health Aides, Nurse Aides, and Phlebotomy Technicians were among the highest needed positions in the United States.

Their necessity continues in 2017.  The reasons for Phlebotomy Technicians becoming an intricate part of health care are endless, but I’ve listed two reasons why this field is always listed in Indeed and Monster

Blood is Important

Blood being important is an understatement.  It’s crucial to day to day operations in the medical field.  Medical experts use blood to determine diagnosis towards different diseases.  With more people having access to doctors, more lab work is required to properly provide the care those people need.  

The individual responsible for drawing blood and reassuring that the medical facilities are equipped in assisting the patients’ needs are Phlebotomy Technicians.  Their purpose is to draw blood safely for it to be assessed at a laboratory where physicians and other medical professionals can determine how to further their treatment. 

Nationally Recognized

Phlebotomy Technicians are recognized nationally.  As a Phlebotomy Technician, you have the opportunity to become nationally recognized through the National Health Career Association (NHA) where your certification and your expertise is validated.  There are some states that do not require a Phlebotomist to be certified and most will allow you to practice in-state once a course is completed.

The purpose of the National Health Care Association is to test Phlebotomy Technicians on their knowledge across the board.  If they are certified in New Jersey, their license can transfer to other states in the United States as long as they have the NHA license to practice. 

The Reality of Phlebotomy Technicians

Phlebotomy Technicians help big time.  Their work needs to be appreciated in all aspects.  Their contributions are the reason people can be helped properly. The reality is this position was listed as the top 100 most important jobs in the United States because of the value and the impact it has on society.  You can help become a part of an essential instrument in a medical team by becoming a Phlebotomy Technician.  


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