Points of Pride

Starting out as a healthcare provider and caretaker well respected in NJ, E&S Academy has gone from strengths to strengths in the past years. With enough reason to take pride in our history, the well established academy now boasts new research programs, a vibrant and exciting academic mindset and an environment conducive to higher education as well as high employment rate.Despite our achievements, our major point of pride is our highly diverse team. It includes our instructors, faculty, students, staff, as well as the alumni who continue to supporting the community wherever they go.

What are we most proud of? Well, many things. Our most pivotal points of pride include:

  • National recognition: E&S Academy is recognized state wide and all over the United States as one of the best institutions for healthcare and medical vocational training in New Jersey. We attract students from all over the state looking to acquire a wide range of skills and expertise, offering careers not just education or jobs.
  • Quality and affordable education: We take great pride in making higher education accessible to students with high success rate. Those who are looking to develop job-specific skills in the medical and healthcare industry have greatly benefited from our affordable and quality programs.
  • History of tradition: The well established E&S Academy has been known to provide quality healthcare to the elderly, ill and disabled in the state of New Jersey. Extending this service to equip more people with the power to care; we aim to preserve the goodwill and tradition of quality healthcare all over the state.
  • Diversity and uniqueness: Our students are amongst the most diverse groups of young and talented people looking to make a difference to their community with a high success rate.
  • Renowned and reputed faculty: Known for our quality education, E&S Academy is one of the well reputed institutions offering alternative non-collegiate education. Specifically geared towards equipping students with real life skills in the healthcare industry, we offer many grant and scholarship programs and financial options to ease the process.
  • Loyalty to New Jersey: Deep rooted in New Jersey, we are amongst the few well reputed institutions in the state that provide a unique blend of quality education, cost and resources to create competent, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. At E&S Academy, our focus is always on drawing the strengths of the student and helping them give back to the community with quality healthcare services.


For more information on what makes the E&S Academy the best in the state, get in touch with us today. Start afresh with quality vocational training and ensure a stable and dynamic career with a high success rate.

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