Skilled-Training is the Future of Education – Nurse Aide, EKG, Home Health Aide, and Phlebotomy

Skilled-Training is the Future of Education – Nurse Aide, EKG, Home Health Aide, and Phlebotomy

Skilled-training is a trend today.  The student-loan crisis has left millions of graduates wondering if going to a four-year school is worth it!  Being in debt is bad, but not having a reliable job is worse.  After a couple years of being a graduate, I understood that having a good career is as important as finishing school.  The entire reason you go to school is to find a great job and earn a good salary.

Skilled-Training Versus Conventional Education

You need more than an education.  You need work experience!  Are you uncertain what to do? I don’t blame you.  With the buzz around education, it’s hard to judge which is the right choice for you.  I can give you a suggestion.  A degree is a valuable asset, but it is the work experience that puts you beyond the competition.  Nurse Aide, Electrocardiogram Technician, Home Health Aide, and Phlebotomy Technician are excellent go-to careers because they are quick, easy to attain, and in high demand.  Certifications on your resume are a plus to your credentials because they show knowledge in a wide variety of fields.  You can think of yourself as the jack of all trades.  What employer wouldn’t want someone who can do it all? 

Employment is as Valuable as Education

In skilled-training, is the future of education.  It focuses on the core principles of career development.  You won’t waste your time on useless classes, such as electives that nobody takes, or credit classes that have nothing to do with your major.  For example, when you train to become a Nurse Aide, your focus is on becoming a Nurse Aide.  The skills you learn are hands-on.  You are employment ready as soon as you finish a training certification program which makes your education useful.  Employment brings money and money brings better options for your future!





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