Success Stories are Intertwined with Healthcare

Success Stories are Intertwined with Healthcare

I will not go into the numbers or the statistics.  I receive questions from students daily on how they can improve their opportunities.  It is not only students though.  I have encountered graduates, parents, teenagers, and people from various walks of life who encounter the same problem.  They have no idea what it means to be successful.  Success varies from person to person.  I am no expert at earning a million dollars, but I can say that most people are not after money.  They are after a rewarding experience, and believe it or not, money comes with happiness.

You are uncertain where to begin.  I can reassure you that you are not alone.  There are millions of people in search of a calling in life.  My suggestion is not waiting because waiting wastes the opportunity of exploring.  If you want to find what your passion is, search for it.  You can try everything.  

I receive several questions, and they are common ones that I hope I can share some light with you while you read this.

Why Healthcare?

Healthcare is recession free.  It does not go out of style.  Healthcare is the number one employment resource in the United States.  Excellent benefits, career advancement, educational advancement, helping others in need,  and feeling good about yourself are one of the many perks of healthcare.  I will put it to you simply.  The lowest grade healthcare workers are one of the happiest employees because of benefits.  They help people too!  When you help others, somehow you help yourself too.  It is a positive karma that comes around and goes around.  What better way to get to where you need to go than by assisting other people?

How Do I Start a Healthcare Career or Job?

It is simple.  Healthcare is broad.  You do not need a four-year degree to get started or earn a good salary.  There are a variety of jobs you can do.  They do not require heavy training either depending on which occupations you are searching for.  If you want something quick, Phlebotomy or EKG are going to classes.  Do you want a flexible schedule?  Certified Home Health Aide and Nurse Aide courses are exactly what you need.

Will I Make Money?

I will answer this question simply.  You will earn money.  The problem today is many students are too quick to join the bandwagon and go for a four-year degree.  They take out loans.  Then, if they earn a decent salary, their earned money is not theirs.  With most healthcare careers, you can train within a short-time span, earn money, and have no student debt.  This is the go-to plan.  The money you make is the money you earn.  There is no hassle with student loans or problems.  A course like Phlebotomy is only $1000 with flexible payment plans.

What Do I Do Now? 

I have the solution for you.  This is your next step.  Admissions are a good source of information, and they can get you started on your smart career choice.  Your next step is to pick a reputable school like E & S Academy.

If you would like to begin your journey onto a healthcare career or job, contact our admissions team today at 844-372-2233 today!

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