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At E&S Academy, we want students to feel completely free to voice their concerns and opinions about any facet of the academy. Students have after all entrusted us with educating them as well as providing them the right tools to thrive in the healthcare industry to find meaningful employment after their graduation. However, if they feel that they are not getting what they expected or deserve, then they are welcome to voice their concerns.

Open environment at E&S Academy

The reason why E&S Academy has grown so quickly and has gained an immense reputation in the state of New Jersey as well as the whole country is because we care about our students’ and faculties’ ideas and opinions. We always have and will continue to work closely with our students, staff members and the various communities around us that we collaborate with. Apart from the fact that we care about our students’ and faculties’ ideas and opinions, we also welcome the opinions as well as suggestions of the communities that we work with.

We strive improvements and want to know about the areas in which we can get better. We are always open for suggestions, so if you have anything to share about the academy, remember that we are here because we care. We know that being open for suggestions and having the willingness to work on them, builds trust as well as opens lines of communication with our students and faculty members. The E&S Academy can only grow bigger and better if we are willing to accept our mistakes and strive to work on them. We truly appreciate all the suggestions that we receive and you can rest assured that we go through each one of them.

We care about our students and we listen to their parents, our community leaders, staff members and everybody else associated with the academy so that we can improve. Most importantly, we care about the future of our esteemed academy. This is why we are open for suggestions as we have noticed that people associated with us greatly appreciate the fact that we listen and we care about them.

Drop in a suggestion

Moreover, the process of making a suggestion is very easy and simple. You do not have to hesitate about it as we welcome suggestions and want you to be as open with us as possible. Also the process of giving us suggestions on how we could improve does not involve mailing an obscure email address where you are sure that they will never be read. Instead, we have provided a form on our website that you can fill up in a matter of minutes and submit. You will immediately receive an acknowledgment and can even check up on the status of your suggestion application.

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Thank you for choosing E & S Academy

If you have a question, you may call our admissions team at 844-372-2233 or fill out the contact form below, and they will be more than happy to assist you. We hope you enjoy your visit.