The Importance of Certified Nurse Aide Classes in the State of New Jersey

The Importance of Certified Nurse Aide Classes in the State of New Jersey

Every Monday classes begin.  Students are tired from their long weekends.  Their droopy, yet focused eyes indicate that they pushed themselves to attend class.  You see the drive these students have.  It is a fiery spirit that melts the hearts of bystanders who witness the passion they have for their selected field choice. For the next four weeks, their sole focus is on finishing what they started.  The importance of Nurse Aide classes in the State of New Jersey is an understatement.  Since the introduction of the program, thousands of students have graduated and gone on to better careers.

As a witness to the trials these students go through during their four-week course, I can testify the importance and value their passion brings It goes unnoticed.  Coincidentally, is it their passion that keeps medical facilities together.  It is their ability to recognize the change compassion brings that ensures people are cared for.  Nursing homes and hospitals line-up to speak to the graduating classes.  Employers are smart.  They understand the commitment employees need to complete an extensive, yet rewarding class like Certified Nurse Aide.   I tell this story because they are stories that go untold.

Medical centers throughout the state of New Jersey are desperate.  They need Certified Nurse Aides.  The quality of care that Nurse Aide brings is essential to the care to loved ones.  It is a struggle for students, employers, and educational facilities.  The students are worth the struggle.  Our future is worth the struggle.  It is our loved ones who rely on us to help them, and Certified Nurse Aides do this.  The more we understand what Certified Nurse Aides do the better we can prepare ourselves for the changes.

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