Are Vocational Schools Worth It? The Answer is…

Are Vocational Schools Worth It? The Answer is…


I know you were probably expecting a simple answer. It is such a frustrating situation.  You are on the verge a graduating or better yet on the fence on what your next step should be.  There are millions of decisions you can make.  You can take time off, go straight into work, earn a four-year degree, or pursue a career by taking training at a vocational school.  I know what you may be thinking, and it is exactly why I made this post. Is it work going to vocational school?


The answer yes!


Three reasons that will change your mind to yes: 

  1. Vocational schools are less expensive and provide in-demand training for careers that are hot on the market today.
  2. You will spend significantly less.  As a matter of fact, Generation Z is more likely, than any other generation, to pursue vocational training.
  3. Your career focused.  You will not waste time learning electives that are useless towards your degree.
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