Lesson 1: How Storytelling Relates to Marketing

Marketing and storytelling go hand in hand. Storytelling and marketing are not as different as you may think.  Storytelling can be an effective tool for designing marketing strategies.  As most marketing strategies need to be approved, learning storytelling techniques will make your presentations stand out. In this course, you will learn how storytelling and marketing are related. 

  • Storytelling gives marketers an opportunity to learn from customer interactions
  • Storytelling is a proven strategy to sell marketing tactics to executives
  • People will be more inclined to pursue or purchase your marketing strategy if they understand the story behind it
  • Most people like stories. 

A good story is relatable to the audience.

Coca Cola and Budweiser are Examples:

Marketers can create content that targets audiences.  In today’s competitive marketing world, it is for a brand’s survival that content reaches audiences on a personal level.  The second a brand connects with an individual it becomes a powerful tool.  This connection is done through storytelling.  As children, throughout various generations and ethnic cultures, stories are a consistent presence in the lives of many.  Stories enrich the lives of people and lessons that can be learned with them.  Marketing, in 2018, has utilized people’s love for stories to draw attention to their brands.  Companies, such as Budweiser and Coca-Cola, have created timeless marketing pieces that captivate their loyal audiences to continue purchasing their products.

Example of Storytelling Marketing Ads (Push the Play Button on the Center Video.)