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EKG Technician

EKG techs must know the anatomical structure of the heart and its electrical properties. You will learn these concepts on top of the equipment used in this occupation. E&S Academy, one of the best Certified Online Cardiographic Technician EKG/ECG schools. We can assist you in how to become an EKG/ECG technician. Our online EKG / ECG certification program not only prepares you to take national EKG technician certification exams, but it also prepares you for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

EKG Technicians can hold a variety of positions including, but not limited to, an EKG field Technician traveling to patients who are home bound, a Patient Care Technician (PCT),  An EKG technician at any cardiac facility or clinic.  EKG Technicians are responsible for assisting patients to get prepared for EKG testing, as well as performing EKG testing and submitting the tests to physicians and collaborating health care professionals.  EKG Technicians have a hire turn around time of 1- 3 weeks after graduating from E&S Academy’s Certified Online EKG Technician program.


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$ 500 USD

The demand for skilled EKG professionals has never been greater, and the allied health sector offers numerous opportunities for advancement and advancement.

About the course

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in developing a career in healthcare that is specifically geared towards the field of cardiac study.  The Online EKG Technician course will prepare students to work as an EKG Technician within the healthcare industry.

As diagnostic and imaging technologies advance, so does the demand for skilled professionals who can interpret diagnostic results.

Course Description

  • EKG/EGC course cost: $500.00 USD.
  • Estimated time: 4 weeks of self-paced online learning.
  • Start anytime after you enroll.
  • Virtual Instructors are available for questions and support.
  • Our training includes interactive videos, lectures, and quizzes.
  • 24/7 access from anywhere on any smart or mobile device.
  • Clinical practice, externships, and internships are not required or included.
  • Employers are willing to train E&S graduates once employment is offered.
  • Course certification is approved by the board of education and nationally approved by the NHA and NCCT.

What will you learn

During the program students will be able to interpret cardiac arrhythmia with greater accuracy and efficiency. This EKG certification also teaches students about electro-physiology, dysrhythmia treatments, cardiovascular physiology, and anatomy. Students will learn about unit operation, lead placement, troubleshooting, analysis of EKG grid paper, recognizing EKG patterns in all 12 leads, plotting EKG axes, and other such job skills.

Course Structure

  • Learn the anatomical structure of the heart and identify its electrical properties.
  • Identify and analyze the various components of normal EKG complex and understand the proper placement of electrodes for EKG monitoring.
  • Strong knowledge about electrocardiography.
  • Understand various cardiovascular irregularities and assess the various sequences as well as techniques related to diagnosing arrhythmias, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Describe and outline diagnosis as well as the course of treatment for various vascular diseases.
  • Understand the mechanism behind prescribed cardiac drugs and their side effects.
  • Comprehend and understand the five-step EKG interpretation method and carry out a right-sided and 12-lead EKG.
  • Gained in stress testing and Holter monitoring test is also a part of the EKG / ECG certification program.
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Preview of Our E-Learning Platform

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How to Enroll

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What our students say

“Glad to decide for his career, I can't wait to put so much knowledge into practice. Satisfied and happy you my diploma!”
Veronica Wal
“Excellent EKG / ECG, so complete. I love them!!”
Robert Griffin

Results after course completion

The future looks promising for certified EKG technicians. The US Department of Labor anticipated EKG job opportunities are expected to increase by more than 20%. (not a major surprise, as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US.) and  the average EKG tech salary in annual was $60,570 in May 2021.

The demand for skilled EKG professionals has never been greater, and the allied health sector offers numerous opportunities for advancement and advancement. The employment of EKG technicians and cardiovascular technologists and technicians is expected to grow 10% between 2021 and 2031, faster than the national average.We encourage graduates to find an internship and externships for hands-on experience.


E & S Academy works with over 100 employers throughout the United States, in efforts to assist employers and graduates to get connected through our Job Network. Employers across the state welcome all of E & S Academy’s graduates to apply and offer hands on and on-the-job training upon hire. Our mission is to create qualified Healthcare professionals within the communities all over the United States