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Refund Policy and Terms of Service

Refund Policy and Terms of Service

  1. Hybrid and Online Courses
  2. Tuition Refund Policy
  3. Refund Table of Conditions
  4. Current Eligible Courses for a Partial Refund
  5. Payments
  6. Transfer Policy
  7. Students
  8. Instructors
  9. Instructor Guidelines
  10. Non-Disclosure
  11. COVID-19 Re-opening Procedure (Hybrid Courses Only)

E&S Academy is in the business of helping people.  We want to ensure that our students understand that they’re in safe hands. Additionally, our team understands the importance of policies and state regulations. 

Hybrid and Online Courses

Tuition Refund Policy 

E&S Academy refund policy is based on full attendance throughout the course.

Five days from the date of withdrawal the director of E&S Academy must be notified in writing with the student’s decision to withdraw. E&S Academy shall adhere to the following refund policy in the event of a withdrawal from the school or expulsion by the school prior to completion of the course.

  1. Students who wish to cancel their enrollment in a program or at the school must do so in writing.  The request must include the date of withdrawal and must be dated and signed by the student.  This letter must be received within three days (3 business days) of the withdrawal to receive tuition reimbursement for that week. It is best to hand-deliver the withdrawal letter and have a copy signed by the admissions officer or mail the letter by Certified Mail.
  2. All monies will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted by the school. If the student decides to cancel their enrollment within five (5) business days after the enrollment agreement is signed by both parties, even if the instruction has begun a refund will be issued, but the student will incur a refund processing fee.
  3. Cancellation after the third (3rd) business day, but before the first class, will result in a refund of all monies paid, with the exception of the Refund Processing Fee.
  4. For all courses, the school may retain the refund processing fee plus a pro-rata portion of the tuition calculated on a weekly basis.  This Reimbursement Scale applies to all programs offered by E&S Academy:

Refund Table of Conditions: 

If Withdrawal or Cancellation Occurs:The School Will Retain
Five days before the course start date 0% of the tuition  (this excludes the 20-25% non-refundable administrative fee)
On or after the first day of class100% of the tuition
Schools will retain an administrative fee of the full tuition.  This fee is non-refundable.20-25%

Current Courses Eligible for a Partial Refund:

Program TitleHoursTuitionAdministration Fee (Non Refundable)Test/Licensing FeesTotal
Online EKG40$400.00$100.00$0$500.00
Online Phlebotomy60$400.00$200.00$0$600
Online Certified Medical Coding & Billing200$800.00$200.00$0$1,000.00
Online Medical Office Assistant/Specialist54.5$400$100$0$500
Online Medical/Clinical Assistant360$4500$500$0$5000
American Heart Association CPR/BLS4$85.00$-$0$85.00


E & S Academy provides a convenient educational process. Our courses must be paid in full before being eligible to begin. You authorize us to charge your debit card, credit card, or process other means of payments for those fees. E & S Academy works with a third-party payment partner to process your payments to offer a convenient payment method in your country and to keep your information secure. For more details, please check out our Privacy Policy.

You agree to pay the full tuition for the courses with our third party payment partner.

Transfer Policy

Students are given a one-time transfer that is valid for one year.  The payment provided will be eligible for another course for one-year.  If a balance still remains once payment transfer is executed it is the sole responsibility of the student to pay the remaining balance before the course begins.  

However, after one year from the initial date of registration, the student will be required to repay the full tuition of the course.

Students and Success Guidelines

We promote quality and fair services. Your reviews are important to us. It is in our duty to ensure appropriate content. If you are a student, our courses enable you to ask questions to the instructors of courses you are enrolled in and to post reviews for the course. For certain courses, attendance, homework, quizzes, or additional assignments may be requested. E & S Academy prohibits copyright materials. You should not post anything that isn’t yours.

Upon registering for our courses, you’ll receive further instructions and a welcoming message. We want to welcome you to E & S Academy the home of Education and Success.  You are receiving this message as an extension of our open arms and acceptance into our academy.  Throughout your time with us, you’ll be focused on success, and we want to help you get there.  Your time spent with us is valuable.  For your comfort, we want to reassure that your time here is both rewarding and problem-free.

This is why we have prepared a set of short, successful guidelines that are centered on your education and of course your success.  If you have any questions or concerns, our qualified staff is available to assist you.

Success guideline number 1:  The State of New Jersey requires students to achieve a minimal amount of hours for the successful completion of a course. Attendance is mandatory for all sessions and no one may leave the classroom for any reason.  If you have an emergency, please notify your instructor prior to leaving.

Success guideline number 2:  Our courses are at your convenience. As you would to a job interview or to your new career, you must complete your course before receiving a certificate of completion. There are courses that may require you to take an additional externship or clinical to complete your hours.

Success guideline number 3:  Being prepared, is another tool to success.  You wouldn’t want to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Yikes! The same applies here. You must bring a pen and notebook to class to write down important notes.

Success guideline number 4:  We encourage everyone to enjoy their experience here.  It’s in your interest that we give you the tools you need.


Instructors undergo a screening process and are monitored by supervisors. As an instructor, you can submit courses on our school platform and you can communicate with students. The communication with students must abide by the law and respect the rights of others. You cannot post any course, question, review, answer, or other content that violates the applicable local or national laws. Before you submit a course, please make sure you understand the copyright restrictions set forth in the instructor’s terms before submitting any course for publication.

Instructor Guidelines

Upon agreeing to be an instructor on E & S Academy, the instructor will agree to perform services for E & S Academy under the terms and conditions set forth. In the performance of the work contemplated by an agreement with our facility, the instructor has the primary duty to control and direct the performance of the details of the work. E&S Academy is interested only in the results obtained. However, the work contemplated in the Agreement must meet the approval of E&S Academy and shall be subject to E&S Academy ‘s general right of inspection and supervision to secure satisfactory completion.

Therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth, it is hereby agreed between E & S Academy and the instructor as follows:

  • The information must be accurate
  • E & S Academy does not condone stolen content.
  • Instruct and complete the course. This does not apply to all courses.
  • The content must be your own including necessary licenses, rights, consents, permissions, and authority to authorize E & S Academy to use your submitted content in this Term and Terms of Use
  • Your submitted content will not infringe or misappropriate any third party’s intellectual property rights.
  • Credentials are essential. You have the required qualifications, credentials, and expertise to teach and offer the services that you offer through your submitted content and use of the Services
  • You will respond promptly to students to ensure the quality of service that corresponds with the standards of your industry and instruction services in general.
  • Inappropriate, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist, pornographic, false, misleading, incorrect, infringing, defamatory, or libelous content will not be tolerated
  • Post or transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, or any other forms of solicitation through the services or to any user.
  • Engage in an activity that would require us to obtain licenses from or pay royalties to any third party including the need to pay royalties
  • You will not abuse our services
  • Interfere with other instructors from providing their services
  • Use E & S Academy resources including support services

In depth:

The instructor recognizes that E&S Academy presently has developed or may, as a result of instructors’ work, develop intellectual property in the form of data, formulae, computer software specifications, processes, patents, copyrights, or other technical or product information. Accordingly, the instructor, as a condition of engagement as an independent contractor, agrees to relinquish and assign to E&S Academy all of his rights and ownership interests, if any, to any and all intellectual property presently developed by E&S Academy or to be developed arising in any way out of instructor’s performance.

No party may assign, contract, grant a license, or otherwise transfer any or all of the rights or obligations arising out of this Agreement without the prior written consent of E&S Academy. In the event that any party shall be found in default or breach of this Agreement by a court of competent jurisdiction, the defaulting or breaching party shall be liable to pay all reasonable attorneys fees, court costs and other related collection costs and expenses incurred by the other party in prosecuting its right.

The instructor agrees to abide by the legal and ethics policies of E&S Academy as well as E&S Academy’s other rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. E&S Academy intends to comply  in full with all governmental laws and regulations as well as any ethics code applicable to their profession. In the event that Contractor is aware of E&S Academy, or any of its officers, agents, or employees, violating any such laws ethics codes, rules, regulations, policies, or procedures. The instructor agrees to bring forth all such actual and suspected violations to the attention of the Director of operation immediately so that the matter may be properly investigated and appropriate action is taken.

The instructor agrees that all those records and accounts maintained during the course of employment are the property of E&S Academy, shall remain current, and be maintained at E&S Academy’s place of business.

Instructor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, save, and hold harmless E&S Academy, its shareholders, officers, directions, and other agents (other than Employee) from and against all claims, liabilities, causes of action, damages, judgments, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and expenses which arise out of or are related to the contractor’s performance of this Agreement, failure to perform job functions or duties as required or result from conduct while engaging in any activity outside the scope of this Agreement, before, during or after the termination of this Agreement. Contractor understands that this obligation of indemnification survives the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

Furthermore, the instructor understands that any copyrights, inventions or patents created or obtained, in part or whole, by contractor during the course of this Agreement are to be considered “works for hire” And the property of E&S Academy. Contractor assigns to E&S Academy all rights and interest in any copyright, invention, patents or other property related to the business of the E&S Academy.

The instructor agrees that any customers or clientele generated by Contractor pursuant to work performed for E&S Academy is the customers and clientele of the E&S Academy and subject to the non-disclosure and non-solicitation covenants set forth above.

Henceforth, the instructor understands that any projections regarding the financial status or potential for growth of E&S Academy are matters of opinion only and do not constitute a legally binding representation. The instructor agrees that they have had the opportunity to conduct due diligence of E&S Academy and are satisfied with the representations that have been made.

Non Disclosure of the Trade Secrets, Customer Lists, and Other Proprietary Information

User and instructor agree not to use, disclose or communicate, in any manner, proprietary information about E&S Academy, its operations, clientele, or any other proprietary information, that relates to the business of E&S Academy. This includes, but is not limited to, the names of E&S Academy customers, its marketing strategies, operations, or any other information of any kind which would be deemed confidential or proprietary information of E&S Academy including but not limited to:

The instructor and user agree not to recruit any of E&S Academy’s employees for the purpose of any  outside business either during or for a period of  12 months  after the Contractor’s tenure of work with E&S Academy. Instructor agrees that such effort at recruitment also constitutes a violation of the non-solicitation covenant set forth above.

Re-Opening Procedures (Hybrid Courses Only:)

Effective July 1st, 2020, E & S Academy shall be implementing and enforcing the following guidelines in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • All students, faculty members, and visitors are required to wear face coverings indoors at all times
  • E & S Academy will provide face masks to all students and faculty members entering the facility.
  • E & S Academy shall strongly encourage-though not mandate- all students and staff to wear face coverings outdoors.
  • Faculty members shall be required to observe 6 feet of social distancing in all busy areas of the facility, such as classrooms, waiting areas, and admissions office.
  • All equipment and material shall be Sanitized daily, after each use and prior to a new rotation of students.
  • The facility shall continue to keep daily disinfecting and cleaning protocols in place.
  • All common areas shall be closed.
  • All students and faculty members shall be screened upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All students and faculty shall receive temperature readings daily, prior to entering the facility.  Any student or faculty with a temperature reading above 100.4 shall not be permitted in the facility.
  • Prior to entering the facility, all students and faculty shall be required to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided by the school.
  • Students and faculty with elevated health risks or who have tested positive for COVID-19 shall be permitted to learn and teach remotely.
  • Plexiglass is placed on all reception areas for safe distancing. 
  • The facility shall only allow students into the facility at 50% capacity.
  • E & S Academy seating shall be arranged 6 feet apart from each other.