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About E&S Academy

How we started

E&S Academy started in New Jersey, providing skilled training to Home Care Agencies.

See how E&S Academy has impacted our community's progress. Our academy grew to become a highly recommended vocational school, and after providing years of traditional classroom training we have transitioned into a national online academy.


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E&S Academy Graduates


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E&S Academy Awards

Affordable payments 1

Our training programs are affordable and we offer various payment options

We are committed to helping individuals find a better future through education.

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Students get a comprehensive and well-rounded education

We have reputable instructors that have years of experience in the field. We are not only giving back to our communities but also empowering students to be the next wave of healthcare professionals.

Network 1

We are approved and affiliated with a large organization network

E&S Academy's most important goal is to collaborate with the community. The relationship between our academy and neighboring communities has been fostered since the inception of our healthcare training school.

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Online courses are convenient and self-pace

Our current library of healthcare programs and educational videos are always growing. E&S Academy's reputation has been built from its determination to provide quality education at an affordable price. Every student is special to us!

Employment 1

We help our students find employment once they graduate

We partner with community leaders to not only help out the communities with healthcare accessibility, but also to help our students gain valuable experience through in-demand careers.

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Simple, quick, and instant access to our courses upon registration

E&S Academy is focused on training future healthcare professionals with comprehensive healthcare training programs.

Online Lesson Plans, Videos, Instructional Assistance, Student Support Services and Access to our Learning Platform all Included with your Tuition.

Certifications & Licenses

We are a trusted and valued vocational training institution to local communities within United States. Students come to us when they dream of gaining a quality career.  We have helped thousands of students find employment with recession-free careers.

Our various accreditation and licenses demonstrate that we are fully compliant with state and national standards and guidelines.

We provide courses as a Certified Home Health Aide, Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, and other types of healthcare professionals. What makes us credible is our experience as a healthcare provider and employer.

We provide our students with certifications that are widely recognized and that will get them excellent employment opportunities.

Join Our Growing Community of Highly Skilled and Qualified Healthcare Professionals!

Take one of our online healthcare programs and enjoy the benefits of a rewarding career and quality education!

Get to Know our Financial Assistance Sponsors

These financial assistance sponsors assist potential career seekers with the finances of taking a course. Typically, these sponsors pay for a course and hire the students upon completion of their training. This is a list of our employer sponsors including the courses they sponsor.

Please note: Each sponsor has their set of requirements and limits. To know more about our sponsors please reach out our admission team at 844-372-2233

About our company

E & S Academy is approved with the necessary accreditations, licenses, andcertifications. This is done to make sure our students are able to secure employment after receiving their certification from our healthcare academy.