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Phlebotomy Technician

Learn the art of taking blood, and the delicate handling needed after collecting a specimen. Why become a phlebotomist? phlebotomist can get a job in hospitals, blood donation centers, doctor’s offices, or diagnostic laboratories. As the healthcare industry expands, so does the demand for trained phlebotomists to perform skilled and sterile blood draws. Blood analysis and diagnosis will continue to be important functions in hospitals and labs around the country, fuling the demand for Phlebotomy Technicians. 

Phlebotomy Technicians are responsible for assisting patients to get prepared for blood work or urine testing, as well as performing blood draws and specimen collections.   Phlebotomists work alongside medical practitioners and usually assist by submitting the collection of specimen tests to physicians.

$ 600 USD

The phlebotomy technician training industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Complete this course in a few weeks.

About the course

If you are looking for phlebotomy classes near me look no further. We are online, nationwide, and have a network of employers looking for new talent! This phlebotomy course is designed for individuals who are interested in developing a career in healthcare. 

Our e-learning methodology allows us to provide a program that can serve as a phlebotomy certification exam study guide.  Our program will prepare you for the phlebotomy certification exam. The Board of Education has approved E&S Academy as one of the best certified online. E&S Academy is recognized on a national level.  This means you can get certified and work anywhere in the United States.  

E&S Academy’s phlebotomy course online will thoroughly prepare you to qualify for and pass the national phlebotomy exam. Our school has partnered with National Healthcareer. And our program meets state and national requirements. The National Healthcare Association has approved and supported it.

Course Description

  • Online phlebotomy certification cost: $600.00 USD.

  • Estimated time: 4 weeks of self-paced online learning.
  • Start anytime after you enroll.
  • Virtual Instructors are available for questions and support.
  • Our training includes interactive videos, lectures, and quizzes.
  • 24/7 access to the course from anywhere on any smart or mobile device.
  • Clinical practice, externships, and internships are not required or included.
  • Employers are willing to train E&S graduates once employment is offered.
  • Course certification is approved by the board of education and nationally approved by the NHA and NCCT.

What will you learn

Phlebotomy certification study guide: Our online phlebotomy technician training program at E&S Academy covers everything from collection techniques to emergency situations and safe laboratory procedures to prevent contamination. Nonetheless, you can anticipate a high-quality education.

Medical terminology, blood components, blood group systems, vascular anatomy, the cardiovascular system, documentation, and reporting requirements will be covered for graduates. Throughout your program, you will be given an IV Practice Arm Kit as well as videos that will allow you to simulate blood draws on patients.

Course Structure

  • Terminology in Medicine

  • Anatomy 101 Medical Records Body Systems Medical Insurance 101
  • Pathology and Anatomy of Cells and Tissues
  • Vital Signs Electronic Records
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Patient Preparation and Exam
  • Laboratory Tests and Processes Drawing Blood and Blood Testing
  • Before collecting blood samples, the patient must be correctly identified.
  • Knowledge on the circulatory system and its functions
  • Knowledge on the different types of needles and other equipment used in phlebotomy
  • An understanding of how to draw blood and perform blood tests
  • Knowledge on different conditions and diseases evaluated with blood tests
  • Knowledge on other common tests that phlebotomists perform, aside from blood tests, such as urine and glucose testing.
  • An understanding of what to expect in the workforce as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Preview of Our E-Learning Platform

Phlebotomy technician 1

How to Enroll

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What our students say

11 1
“So much growth after obtain my diploma, Thanks E&S for the impact you this program has had in my life.”
Jenny Peter
14 1
“I took Phlebotomy Technician because my sister got a certification here 3 years ago and since then she has always having better and improved jobs. I know I will get the same or better as a Certified Phlebotomists.
Wolfgang Jonson

Results after course completion

Phlebotomist career outlook:

Phlebotomy Technicians have a hire turn around time of 1 day and up to 2 weeks after graduating from E&S Academy’s Certified Phlebotomy Technician training program.

Our Phlebotomy Technician training certification is designed to prepare you for the National Healthcareer Association’s nationally recognized Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) exam (NHA).

One of the most highlighted phlebotomy benefits is employment opportunities. According to the US Department of Labor, job opportunities for Phlebotomy Technicians are expected to grow 22% by 2030. 

The benefits of being a phlebotomist via our online phlebotomy certification program will give you access to our job network.

E & S Academy works with over 100 employers throughout the United States, in efforts to assist employers and graduates to get connected through our Job Network. Employers across the state welcome all of E & S Academy’s graduates to apply and offer hands on and on-the-job training upon hire. Our mission is to create qualified Healthcare professionals within the communities all over the United States