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The Phlebotomy Technician is a crucial member of the medical team. Being an integral part of a clinical lab team, the demand for Certified Phlebotomy Technicians has grown since the past few years. This is owed to the advent of new and improving diagnostic techniques, automated instruments, and clinical lab technology.

The role of a phlebotomy technician is important. Graduates in the online phlebotomy program have the flexibility to work in independent laboratories, physician offices, individual clinics, and hospitals.

E&S Academy is among the best-certified online phlebotomy technician schools approved by the Board of Education. It offers you a quick way to enter the medical field by becoming a Phlebotomist.

Undoubtedly, it is an excellent stepping stone into the healthcare industry. Not to mention, this phlebotomy certification course will help you land a steady job as well as a flourishing career.


Phlebotomy is not just about taking blood from the body for medical examination. Understanding the nature of the job, we train you in lab safety, precautions, and strict health policies to protect you from diseases.

Furthermore, this class will provide you knowledge of patient safety and regulations.


  • This course is 100% online. It’s nationally approved by the NHA and the NJ Board of Education. There is no clinical portion to complete. We encourage graduates to find an internship and an externship for hands-on experience. Furthermore, we are partnered with some locations where our graduating students can take an internship if they’d like after the course completion.
  • Accurate identification of the patient prior to collecting blood samples
  • Selection of the right specimen containers
  • Collection of the right volume of the blood sample through skin puncture/ Venipuncture
  • Accurate labeling of all collected specimens
  • Safe and appropriate transferring of specimens to the lab
  • Conducting computer operations as well as record-keeping
  • Strict adherence to safety regulations such as OSHA
  • Professional interaction with patients and lab personnel
  • 24/7 Course Access
  • Open Enrollment (Start as soon as you register!)
  • Access to an instructor for assistance!

At E&S Academy, we offer a certified online phlebotomy technician training program that includes everything from collection techniques, emergency situations, safe laboratory procedures to prevent contamination, etc. Nevertheless, you can expect a quality education.

Our program will impart necessary procedures and techniques to turn you into a skilled, knowledgeable and competent phlebotomy technician. No prior medical experience or training is necessary to take up our Certified Online Phlebotomy Technician class.


The E&S Academy online training course in Phlebotomy can thoroughly prepare you to qualify and ace the national certification test. Nationally, E & S Academy is approved. This means you can earn your certification and work anywhere in the United States. Our school is a National Healthcareer partner.

The 60-hour online course includes video lectures, virtual interactions, and more. Coincidentally, the Online Phlebotomy Technician class will help you earn a practical certification in Phlebotomy. It is a short program of 60-hours that meets state and nationwide criteria. It is approved and supported by the Nationally Healthcare Association.

The length of the certification class is 60-hours which can be finished in less than a month. Our certified online phlebotomy technician training program will help you gain theoretical approaches to being a Phlebotomist. Furthermore, we provide externship sites on our websites that are aimed at giving you the flexibility of finding both a live hands-on experience and a potential job opportunity.

E&S Academy fosters an excellent team of experienced staff and faculty that offers regular mentoring as well as tutoring throughout the course. Accredited by the Board of education as well as the NJ Board of Health, we promise a 97 percent success rate for phlebotomists which is amongst the highest in the country.


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Lilia caddeo
Posted 1 year ago
Excellent course

excellent course!

Aaliyah Rivera
Posted 1 year ago
Excellent, Fast, and Easy

This course was excellent, fast, and easy. Thank you so much E&S academy for this experience.

Ann Hardy
Posted 1 year ago
Thank You!!

Great online class very informative and affordable. Thank you Ms.Annica so very helpful from the day I started.

Florisha Jeune
Posted 1 year ago
Great Course

This course was great and I really recommend taking it !!!

Posted 1 year ago

Wow, thank you for the awesome review. We’re happy to see you enjoyed your experience. It brings our staff and instructors great joy.

Posted 1 year ago
Informative & challenging

The course was very affordable, easy to navigate through, and it was not difficult to comprehend.

Posted 1 year ago

Thank you for the great review! We’re so happy you loved your experience. If you need extra help, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Sarah Ogilvie
Posted 1 year ago
Good experience

Good experience

Posted 1 year ago

Sarah, thank you for taking the time to write a review! This review made our day.

Martha Santos
Posted 1 year ago
Great! Thank you!

Great! Thank you!

Abbigayle Mighty
Posted 1 year ago

I just finish my online class and waiting on my official certificate and to do my clinical/ internship. So I can start looking into jobs.

Elizabeth Gomez
Posted 1 year ago
Great course

Highly recommend it

Posted 1 year ago

how difficult was for you to do your practical hours? how many are need? are those a requirement to take the national test certification?

    Posted 1 year ago

    It wasn’t that difficult! The requirements are straightforward and the course has a great reputation.

Amy Tian
Posted 1 year ago

非常值得推荐的课程及学校。 老师很耐心。课程也比较容易掌握!

Posted 1 year ago

The diversity is wonderful. We’re glad that you found our translation feature useful for this course. Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

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